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Welcome to Healthy Highway!

After dedicating 30 years to teaching elementary school children and raising two daughters of my own, I created a program that could be applied throughout an entire school to promote healthy lifestyles for kids and teachers. Ten years after starting this initial "Healthy Rules of the Road" program, I saw how easily the kids took to the concepts and how easily the concepts could be "fuel-injected" into every avenue - the cafeteria and nurse's office, every classroom and gymnasium, and even transforming the hallways into highways. I knew my next mission was to bring these educational concepts into the home for the entire family to engage with and learn together.

Our bodies are complex engines, but to simplify things by comparing the body to a car engine makes it easy and fun. Foods are fuels, we want to be at top performance, and we want to run at top speed. We all have an inner GPS or natural instinct which tells us what fuels we need and which are the best for our own engines.

My goal is to provide you with a fun, educational road map, but more importantly, to provide a way for the entire family to come together as a team in heading down the highway to healthy choices.

Each family is stronger when everyone participates and becomes invested in the choices. Our nutritional choices or fuels are the most important decisions we make. So pull up a chair, create your own learning “lab” in your kitchen, and as a family, design your own road trip to healthy choices. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, successes and and any "detours" you encounter on this road trip to a healthier lifestyle with me!

Start your engines and buckle up, your roadtrip down the Healthy Highway starts today!


Well respected by her peers, Wendy, a retired physical education teacher and recognized health and physical education expert, has an indomitable will to help children and families develop healthy lifestyles. She has served on a number of health related committees including the Greece School District Wellness Committee and K-2 Assessment Committee. Wendy initiated a partnership with Wegmans Food Markets implementing an in-school nutritional program focused on health, nutrition and education for school-age children.

Wendy has been the recipient of a number of accolades and awards.  In 2003, she was named Teacher of the Week and, in 2004, she was a finalist for the New York State Teacher of the Year and Dole 5 A Day Creative Teacher of the Year awards. In 2012 Wendy Cooper was the recipient of the Amazing Person Award from the New York State Association for Health,  Physical Education, Recreation & Dance. In 2015, Wendy received two awards, the Special Olympics Healthy Communities Partner of Excellence Award and the Greece Chamber of Commerce's Annual Community Awards Health Award.  Over her career she has been recognized with several staff appreciation awards as well as district achievement awards.

Wendy is an avid pickle ball player in her free time, and also enjoys bike riding, hiking, traveling, and spending time with her two daughters.

Pictured below: Wendy Cooper (middle) with daughters Brianna (left) and Brittany (right)

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