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Oswego Project

“Speaking of leadership, we have a special group of students at North Park who are definitely leaders of healthy choices. Our Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassadors are made up of students in grades three through five and meet once a month before school to work on projects to promote healthy eating and physical activity. We worked on several projects such as a “Let’s Dance Fitness Friday”, and a “Veggie Taste Test Day” this year but our biggest project was our Bike Rodeo and Safety Clinic. The purpose of this event was to help students learn about safe bicycle riding and riding for physical activity and enjoyment. We also wanted to provide a healthy snack during this event. Our students came up with the idea of making a bicycle out of vegetables for a healthy snack. The veggie bicycles were creative and delicious!"

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North Park Travels Down Leadership Lane!
Margaret E. Robelee
- 2011 New York State Physical Education Teacher of the Year

North Park Elementary has been traveling down the Healthy Highway for the past six years. Students have been learning about Character Education, Physical Education and Fitness, and Nutrition Education while traveling down many different roads. Each time the road is changed, our outside school sign reflects this change and advertises it for the community to see. The most recent road is named Leadership Lane. At a school assembly, students were taught about the value of being good leaders, but also about the value of following good leaders. Students have been earning “Courage Cards” for showing the courage to do the right thing and being a good leader.

Healthy Highway in the Community

Wendy Cooper (left) with Margaret Robelee (right)