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Early Readers Say...

"Your new Healthy Rules of the Road Family Edition looks just wonderful - both for kids and families who would like to be a little healthier! The book uses "highway" terms and pictures which all will enjoy reading together.  I can't wait to get my own copy so I too can get started being a little healthier! Fantastic job!" --M.S. Arcuri

"Wendy has spent her career working to make children and families healthier! This book shares Wendy's passion for improving the health of every family with easy everyday choices. Her book is a wonderful tool for families to have fun getting healthy together! Great job Wendy, thank you for your devotion to families everywhere."  --S. Lill

Healthy Highway brings it's test-driven expertise into the homes of busy families with the new book: Healthy Rules of the Road!

The book educates, motivates and inspires families to make healthy lifestyle choices and to become aware of those choices.  The traffic-themed vocabulary and visual tools give children and adults a fun and easy way to talk about what it means to be healthy and which choices can be applied.  Learn how “green light” decisions can be applied in all areas of life and are unique to you.  Watch children become empowered to take charge of their choices and to help others. Drive down the Healthy Highway as a family to create a road map for your own healthy lifestyle.

This is a trip of a lifetime – welcome to the state of good health!

Healthy Rules of the Road:

Family Edition Book

M.S. Acuri and S. Lill digging into the book

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