North Park Elementary has been traveling down the Healthy Highway for the past six years. Students have been learning about Character Education, Physical Education and Fitness, and Nutrition Education while traveling down many different roads. Each time the road is changed, our outside school sign reflects this change and advertises it for the community to see. The most recent road is named Leadership Lane. At a school assembly, students were taught about the value of being good leaders, but also about the value of following good leaders. Students have been earning “Courage Cards” for showing the courage to do the right thing and being a good leader.

Wendy Cooper and Healthy Highway team up with 24 elementary schools across an entire county in upstate New York. Click here to find out more about this one of a kind initiative!


  • Spiral bound teachers curriculum based guide with lesson plans and activities
  • Interchangeable Safety & Healthy Rules Posters
  • Mini traffic signs
  • Traffic metaphor food cards
  • Car classroom progress sign to showcase classroom and school progress
  • Character education street signs
  • Fuel pump poster
  • Traffic light posters
  • Fuel gauge poster that can be used as a goal-reaching tool to track the number of healthy choices and any school objectives

PLUS a convenient Healthy Highway carrying case!

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Healthy Rules of the Road  is a one-of-a-kind, innovative nutrition and exercise program with interactive tools to incorporate nutrition concepts into everyday lessons. It is a child-friendly learning metaphor of traffic signs, benefiting all classroom stakeholders:

  • Students get an imaginative yet educationally sound program that is fun and interactive
  • Teachers get a flexible, turnkey program that integrates seamlessly with their curriculum
  • Principals & Administrators get a school-wide, sustainable and cost effective program that brings health and wellness to their communities
  • Parents can easily reinforce key concepts outside the classroom with the new family kit and book

For Teachers and Administrators

"This has been a great year on the "Healthy Highway. It is a great framework that allows for school creativity and individuality and encourages school-wide wellness."

-Margaret Robelee (right), North Park Elementary

2011 New York State Physical Education Teacher of the Year

"Healthy Highway also supports school food service departments in their efforts to contribute to a supportive school nutrition environment. Using the Healthy Highway program in their cafeterias, food service managers in Greece, New York elementary schools have successfully turned kitchen areas into classroom 'nutrition labs' and are utilizing their expertise daily to help educate and empower students in making healthy choices."

-Featured in Rachel Ray's Yum-O - a nonprofit organization that empowers kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking

The program comes with everything you need to quickly and easily integrate nutrition and physical activity in your curriculum in a way that is flexible, imaginative and fun. See excitement grow with your students when they learn to take responsibility for making many of their own healthy choices as they participate in Healthy Rules of the Road.

  • Test-driven for over a decade
  • Provides a foundation for a year-long program
  • Raises awareness of choices being made
  • Empowers children and adults
  • Easy to implement