Healthy Rules of the Road Family Edition

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For Parents and Families

With our children’s health at risk and research indicating that for the first time in history they may not live as long as their parents, the question arises as to how to implement a meaningful program to help our children increase their nutrition and exercise knowledge. Healthy Highway is the answer!

I am so glad you are starting down the highway to healthy choices. Your road map is designed as a guide with one purpose: for you to make the best choices specifically to meet your family’s needs.

This is meant as a guide - a road map if you will - that only you can decide where it will lead you. There will be detours, road blocks and u-turns, but as long as you keep moving forward, you will get to your final destination:

that of a healthy, well-tuned, high performance family!

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Healthy Rules of the Road Family Edition Book is an easy tool for parents to use to implement the Healthy Highway concepts into their family's schedule. The book was created specifically with busy parents in mind, and is a guide for creating an environment where every family member learns to take responsibility for living a healthy lifestyle.

"After dedicating 30 years to a wonderful career as an elementary school physical education teacher, then watching children embrace the nutrition and fitness concepts while having fun with the “Healthy Rules of the Road” program for over 10 years, I knew my next road was to go directly to families."

- Wendy Cooper, President and Founder

The award-winning Healthy Highway program, incorporated into several elementary school curricula across the country, now brings its innovative program into the homes of busy parents wanting to get their family

on the road to health and wellness

Rev, the Healthy Highway mascot, has his own section of the book that includes coloring pages, word searches, and his own "words of wisdom". He loves getting email from kids who are starting down the highway to healthy choices!


Food as fuel:
Think of your kitchen as your “learning lab” where the family can come together as a team and plan, make, and eat meals of your own healthy choices.

"I can't be up front with the adults in a car and be the driver, but I can be the driver in the kitchen!"

-Sophia V. 9 years old from Rochester, NY