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On the Road with Rev!

When I was a puppy I loved to run, roll over, chase a ball, and of course sleep next to Wendy! Wendy used to run and she would take me with her. As I got bigger I got to go further distances. I remember one summer we trained for a marathon. She would do 10 miles but I ended up doing 20 miles since I would dash off into the bushes, trees or any trail I could find. We would both be exhausted by the end but feeling very proud of our accomplishment!

My favorite food is comprised of lean protein and ground up fruits and veggies. . I know I need healthy fuels to do all the activities I do. I love walking on the beach and chasing the seagulls. I love being outdoors and discovering new parks. I sometimes run next to Wendy as she rides her bike. I enjoy meeting people and running and jumping with kids that I meet. (We share the same energy level!)

I am happy to say that my “engine” runs well and I make it a priority to have healthy choices every day. I wrote the Healthy Highway Pledge to remind myself how I got there:

“I promise to make ONE healthy choice EVERY day.”

Here is to a great ride down the highway to healthy choices!

Woof Woof!

Rev loves hearing about all the healthy

choices you are making!

Send him a message and he will write back with a bonus coloring page just for you!

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